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  • A recognised thought leader and one of the best-known names in crowdfunding, citizen entrepreneurship and the collaborative economy Barry is a world leading Fintech expert with a deep background in data engineering, systems design and psychology. As a serial tech entrepreneur and researcher he has been consulted by FT, The Times, Reuters and the BBC and also writes for Business Zone, Real Business, Crowdfund Insider and The Bankless Times. Cofounder & CEO of TheCrowdfundingCenter and TheCrowdDataCenter, the world's largest repository of data on crowdfunds he has also played a leading role in reforming UK financial regulation to support innovation - a change now being emulated across the world and is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Portsmouth Business School.

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TheOpenCrowd: Funding

Entrepreneurs, crowdfunding and 'alternative finance' are at the forefront of this global reinvention.

Especially 'Rewards' Crowdfunding (aka 'The Indiegogo/Kickstarter Model') because

  • It provides a new democratic and self-funding economic model supporting entrepreneurs
  • It is global in nature
  • Ventures / businesses are formed with the crowd in mind - for more than just profit
  • It 'disintermediates' - providing direct access to local and global markets, without 'permission' or approvals

and so

  • It provides new rights and freedoms: job creation & the opening of innovation open the global economy to individuals everywhere
While the more familiar equity crowdfunding continues to get the majority of the attention the power of this new paradigm remains little understood.

New and open by nature it provides a powerhouse for funding open to all making it the go-to source of funding for those building the next economy for the crowd.

It's power to democratise and transform national and local economies remains largely unexplored ans untapped.

Meanwhile governments, and the EU, still stuck in a pre-open, pre-internet paradigm risk unintentioally trampling the powerful if nascent new underfoot in pursuance of the exhausted old.

Previous Campaigns: EU VAT Action

Currently the EU remains in danger of precisely this. As THIS ARTICLE explains.


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